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The time for safer sex is now!

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Help Create Safer Spaces: Join the Advocacy Program Today

Welcome to the leading edge of sexual health and safety! A vision for enhanced awareness, safety, and inclusivity at sex-positive gatherings emerged over five years ago. Consequently, this vision has evolved into a comprehensive program dedicated to promoting safer space practices where consenting adults meet.

Embrace the Mission: A Revolution in Safer Spaces

The year 2021 marked a pivotal moment; this effort transformed into a dedicated mission: championing safer space encounters for everyone. Importantly, this initiative actively promotes conversations about safety, thereby making them a staple in communities. Consequently, this website serves as your portal to a wealth of resources, discussions, and tools designed to cultivate a culture of safer spaces both at home and in public venues.

Take Action: Lead the Change

Change comes through action. Therefore, by joining this movement, you contribute to creating a future where safer space practices are the standard. Moreover, if you are passionate about enhancing safety and respect for all, continue reading to discover how you can participate in this transformative journey.

Unity in Action: Our Strategic Partnerships

Collaboration is the power behind this mission. Furthermore, strategic partnerships with organizations like the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF), Splash Takeovers, Share Denver, and Bi Out Events reinforce our commitment to universal safer space standards. Additionally, together with a network of local event organizers, professionals, and advocates, we are setting new benchmarks for health and safety.

Opportunities to Get Involved

Become a Safer Space Monitor™

Safer Space Monitors (SSM) play a vital role in ensuring consensual and respectful interactions at events. Similarly, akin to Dungeon Monitors in kink/BDSM spaces, SSMs are crucial for maintaining a secure environment. Firstly, to join as an SSM, applicants will undergo:

Background Checks: We conduct thorough initial and annual checks to ensure participant safety.
Virtual Training: Additionally, we provide comprehensive virtual orientations along with in-person training sessions.
Time Commitment: Indeed, dedication and time commitment are essential for this crucial role.

Serve as a Safer Space Professional™

Events needing advanced support can depend on Safer Space Professionals (SSPs). Moreover, if you are a sexologist, therapist, counselor, or hold other relevant credentials, you can provide critical interventions at sex-positive events. Furthermore, we compensate SSPs for their vital role in supporting our safety standards.

Start Your Advocacy Journey

Are you ready to make a significant impact? To learn more about contributing to a safer, more inclusive environment, please contact us at Subsequently, a program coordinator will guide you through the steps to become a key part of our advocacy efforts.

We are excited about this program's potential and hope you will join us in this important work. Ultimately, together, we can shape a world where health and safety are prioritized for everyone's benefit.

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