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Safer Sex Advocacy Program

The time for safer sex is now!

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Safer Sex Advocacy Program Introduction

This program started 5+ years ago as an idea for how to be more aware, safer, and inclusive at sex-positive events, clubs, and other places where consenting adults gather. Over the last 5 years, that idea slowly took shape as an operating blueprint for those occasions.

In 2021, that blueprint turned into a Safer Sex mission. The mission is to make the program available to anyone who thinks sex should be safer.

Awareness and discussion are a requirement for safer sex. The website you are viewing now is just one part of increasing awareness and prompting discussion of how to practice safersex. This site and the included resources can be used at home, with friends, your peers, and anywhere you need support to practice safersex.

Action is what can get us to a world where safersex is the norm and not the exception. Your participation is how this change takes place!

Only those interested in being part of the safersex mission should continue reading…

“Many hands make light work”

We've all heard that saying, and safersex believes that to be true.  safersex is working with national partners to help make the National SSA (Safer Sex Advocate) program a reality. Those partners have co-signed onto the SSA Program mission of taking action, and your participation would be appreciated. The following is a list of national and local partners and supporters. The following is a small list of SSAP national partners currently co-sponsoring this mission.

  • NCSF: The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. NCSF is a non-profit organization that has been a sex-positive advocate for 25+ years.
  • Splash Takeovers: Splash Takeovers was the first National event producer to implement the Safer Play Spaces Program and are a founding program partner.
  • Naughty Events: Naughty Events is one of, if not the largest sex-positive event producers in the world. They have agreed to implement the SSA Program at Naughty N'Awlins 2023!
  • Menage Life: Menage Life is another national sex-positive event producer that supports the SSA program.

These national partners, along with various local event producers, sex-positive professionals, and sex-positive individuals like yourselves, can help make safer sex a requirement, not just a talking point. Safer Sex is the mission, and if you agree and can help, the following is how it can happen.

How do you get involved?

SaferSex Advocate™

Becoming SaferSex Advocate (SSA) is more than a superficial title. Accordingly, the SSA program will require the following from SSA program participants:

  • Background checks: ALL SSA's will undergo initial and annual background checks.
  • SSA Training: Most training will take place virtually. There will be additional in-person training for SSA's working in-person events.
  • Time: To be an SSA, you must commit time. If you're already an overworked, busy person, being an SSA may not be right for you.
  • Money: The SSA program is currently a volunteer program. Food, travel and other expenses may be part of being a part of the SSA program. In exchange for your time and potential expenses, being an SSA will also allow you to attend these events, as participants, as compensation for your help.

SaferSex Professionals™

Safer Sex Professionals (SSP) will be available for sex-positive events where the SSA program has been installed. A Safer Sex Professional is a person or entity with the credentials and training to help resolve serious issues, as they occur at sex-positive events.

Therefore, SSPs must have certification and/or training by an accredited body that can help determine appropriate and effective intervention when serious incidents happen.

Generally, SSP's can be, but are not limited to,

  • sexologists,
  • therapists,
  • counselors,
  • crisis intervention specialists,
  • medical staff, or

any other professional with accreditation that can assist with the SSA program. SSP's will be compensated for their participation in the program dependent on the venue/event they are supporting in this role.

SaferSex Monitors™

Safer Sex Monitors (SSM) are deployed at the event level to ensure safer, consensual interactions between guests. Much like a Dungeon Monitor (DM) assists in kink/BDSM oriented spaces, Safer Sex Monitors play a similar role at sex-positive events.

For those interested in learning more about the program, send an email to and a coordinator will contact you to discuss next steps to becoming part of the SSA program! There is excitement about this program, and the hope is that you share that excitement!


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