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TV Series: The Bachelor

Why does this show have such a stronghold on us after so many years? And what is it, really…? A fantasy? Catharsis? A drinking game with your besties? The most unnatural social experiment guided by tv producers where literally nothing happens accidentally? And what in the living daylights hellscape was the wrap of this most recent season?

Admittedly, I was very late to the Bachie game. In fact, Matt James’ season (to those in the know) was my first. Prior to, I had never been able to figure out why anyone would invest their time in something so out of the realm of actual reality. But when your teenaged daughters ask you to sit and hang, YOU SIT AND HANG. 2 years and several seasons in, I confess that I was as captivated these last few weeks as the most committed of Bachelor Nation devotees. The debates across social media and in bars and in living rooms across the world were impossible to ignore. But whose side to take? Was Susie wrong for dipping after learning that Clayton slept with the other 2 finalists? Was Clayton out of line for doing so despite the fact that Susie knew what was what when she signed her contract? So tragic. So sad. So…ugh.

If you view it this through a communication lens, then you realize that signals were crossed, details were omitted, preferences were assumed. And while it’s literally ABSURD for any of the players to truly rise to this completely simulated occasion (under the profoundly produced circumstances), the emotions were, in fact, real and running high.

While most of us will never be in a Bachie-type setting, we can learn a thing or two about making sexual assumptions. Because sexual assumptions are like any other kind of assumptions. They are not facts, and – say it with me, Folks  – assumptions make an ASS out of U and ME.

So don’t be a Susie, and don’t be a Clayton. Say what you mean, mean what you say. Can you change your mind? Of course you can. In fact, take a look at what happened when our two love birds actually gave each other space, hit the re-set button and shared their true feelings with one another! Communication is KEY to the best sex of your life – whether a random hook-up or with a treasured partner. It can prevent issues before they arise and help you get just what you need.

Next up – two, count ‘em, TWO bachelorettes. I may just be looking forward to it…
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