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This Device for Your Penis Might Be the Answer for ED

This Device for Your Penis Might Be the Answer for ED

If you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED), you might find the answer in a new wearable device for your penis called Eddie, by Giddy.

For many men, erectile dysfunction is a condition that puts a serious damper on their sex life. And, more guys experience ED than you might guess; more than 47.5 million in the US. ED can affect men both young and old, through physical or mental health conditions. According to earlier statistics in an AskMen article on erectile dysfunction, 40 percent of men around the age of 40 suffer from ED as well.

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All this to say, ED is a problem that can affect men of all ages. And while there are various new medications available to help, you might have another option courtesy of today’s technology through Giddy.

Sure, it’s probably just another cock ring, right? Actually, Giddy claims to be the answer to treating erectile dysfunction without medicine. According to the website that launched last year, you’ll also have great sex with the device. To be clear, “the best sex you’ve had in years is here,” it says on the page. “No prescriptions. No side effects of ED pills. No waiting.”

The device is similar to a cock ring, but instead has a unique fit that keeps blood in your erect penis, essentially keeping it hard, without compressing the arteries. The idea is that the device keeps the blood in the area of your body where it needs to be while you are having sex. When you climax, there’s no discomfort because it doesn’t compress the urethra.

Eddie by Giddy is backed by a team of urologists, ED specialists, and engineers, as well as professionals in various areas. According to Dr. Chris Kyle, MN, MPH, “Eddie is the most comfortable, wearable ED product. It’s designed to actually fit the human body and work with its natural functions.” And, according to Shan Boodram, certified sexologist, “It’s changing the way we look at ED and changing the lives of those who have been hurt because of it.”

Eddie comes in four different sizes, with two different tension bands with varying constriction levels. Giddy also produced a dynamic video series led by experts in health and wellness, meant to treat the mental, emotional, and lifestyle aspects of ED. A free version of the ED Guide was released to the public at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, for singles and couples stuck in quarantine. 

For guys who might be struggling with ED, or are looking for a recreational “boost” in their sex life, Eddie might be the perfect new sex tech product to bring into the bedroom. But, never assume there are guarantees to treating ED. There are other factors at play and you should always consult with a medical professional for treatment options.

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