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Innovative and safe non-surgical solutions for women’s sexual health

  1. O-Shot treatments and diVa therapy are two options that can address issues like urinary incontinence, painful sex, and vaginal atrophy.

Social norms have historically kept women from talking about health and aging. Recently, though, women have been more open about raising awareness of issues they face after major life experiences like childbirth and menopause.

“I think we’re just getting more and more comfortable talking about these other things that we used to not,” said Dr. Tiana Tsitsis (Dr. T) of RejuvenationMD.

As women age, three things happen: loss of lubrication, leakage, and laxity. A lack of estrogen is a major reason for these changes.

“As we age, things can get thin,” Dr. T said. “And we can see that happen on our face and our neck, and it happens in our vaginal area and pelvic floor.”

You don’t have to have major surgery to address these issues, though. Non-surgical solutions require no anesthesia and don’t come with the risks of surgery.

DiVa vaginal laser therapy gently resurfaces the vaginal canal, shedding old tissue while stimulating the production of new, healthy tissue. This three to five-minute treatment works to thicken the walls in the vaginal canal. This improves the pelvic floor, which in turn helps to lift the bladder.

“There’s a lot of things modern medicine has allowed us to enjoy so we don’t have stress urinary incontinence anymore,” Dr. T said.

O-Shot treatments are another solution combined with diVa therapy. The O-Shot utilizes platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from your blood to stimulate the growth of new muscle cells, blood vessels, nerve endings, glandular cells and tissue to help tighten and restructure the vaginal canal. This helps improve lubrication and increase sensitivity and blood flow for more comfortable sex.

RejuvenationMD was the first treatment center in the state of Washington to offer diVa therapy. With five female providers, RejuvenationMD has been doing the most treatments in the surrounding five states.

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