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Adult Travel, Is It For You?

Adults only travel can be fun!

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Are you ready to take your love life to the next level? Adult travel may be the perfect answer. Whether you’re in a new relationship, looking to spice things up in a current relationship, or just want to escape, there are adult travel packages for virtually every need and desire. Even if you don’t have a partner, adult travel is worth considering. Many of these trips have single people who are also ready to get away from it all, just like you. In this article, some ins and outs of adults only travel are being explored.

What is Adult Travel?

Adult travel is when you go on a vacation without children. These trips are specifically designed for those looking for some type of escapism or looking to have some adults only fun. There are many trips that offer adult entertainment, including erotic dance lessons, adult games, relationship workshops and more. Adult travel can last for weeks or just a quick getaway for people who want to explore their sexuality in a safer environment.

Who Can Go?

Adults only travel is typically reserved for those 18+. It is a great option for singles, couples, and those looking toward alternative style relationships looking to spice up their love lives. Adults only travel is also perfect for people in new relationships or those wanting to reconnect with their partner. Because many of these trips also have singles, there's opportunity for singles to meet potential partners and connect with others.

Benefits of Adult Travel

  • It Allows You to Explore Your Sexuality – Many of us have sexual fantasies that we never get the chance to explore. You have the opportunity to explore your sexuality with other like-minded adults, satisfy your curiosity and minimize judgment.
  • It Allows You to Meet New People – One of the most obvious is that you can meet new people and have fun in a safe environment.  You shouldn't worry about seeing other people you know. If you encounter others you know, you are all at the same place, worry less!
  • It Allows You to Be Yourself – This allows you to feel freer from the societal pressures and norms that exist everyday in life. 

How to Find Adult Only Trips

There are two main ways to find an adult travel company. The first is obvious, do an online search. There are many agencies that offer adult travel packages, and you should find one that fits your needs and desires easily. The second way to find a company is to ask friends and relatives. Ask your friends and family about their experiences with adults only vacations, and see if there are any recommendations. You may want to ask for more than one opinion, though, because no one person’s experience will be the same as others. 

SaferSex recommends Temptation Cruises, Naughty Events and Luxury Lifestyle Vacations.


Adult travel is a fantastic way for like-minded adults to connect and have a good time. The great news is that there are plenty of companies who specialize in adult travel. There are also many types of trips, from cruises and resorts to educational workshops and more. Don’t be afraid to get adventurous with your travel. The right trip can end up being the adventure of a lifetime!

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