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Open Relationship Communication: Dos and Dont’s – Openlove101

Have you ever started a conversation about your relationship in a civil and cordial manner…

And then things quickly took a turn for the worst and escalated to the point of anger and maybe bad words?

Well, you’re not alone because we’ve had those types of “conversations” before.

So how do you navigate through that?

Let’s discuss!

John and Jackie Melfi are in a consensually non monogamous marriage. They have been featured in ABC News Nightline Special Report “Getting Naughty In N’awlins”, Inside a New Orleans Swingers Convention, and CNN “This Is Life” with Lisa Ling. The Melfis are the force behind the industry famous colette swingers clubs in New Orleans, Dallas, Houston, and Austin. With over 20 years of combined experience, this powerhouse couple coaches thousands of singles and couples through their award winning blog

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