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How This Husband And Wife Team Create Luxury Vacation Experiences For Sex-Positive Travelers

Luxury Lifestyle Vacations

A wonderful aspect of modern travel is that there is something out there for everyone. Families, honeymooners, and solo travelers are all well-established, but a growing marketplace in the industry is the sex-positive traveler: the individual or couple seeking adventure by every definition of the word.

Luxury Lifestyle Vacations (LLV) has been a pioneer in this space, specifically when it comes to blending that mindset with luxury. The company was founded 20 years ago by husband and wife Claudia and Pepe Aguirre, who share a combined 30 years of experience in the travel industry. Originally from Mexico City but now based in Miami, they recognized that swingers and travelers have a lot in common, specifically love of pleasure, indulgence and exploration. They combined that ethos with their hospitality experience to create a new way for people to adventure.

It’s true that swinging and non-monogamy in general have poor public reputations due to unchallenged social conditioning, but what LLV provides is nothing like those stereotypes. They facilitate a chance for couples to go on luxury vacations all over the world, from fancy riverboat cruises in Europe to elegant hotel takeovers in Costa Rica, while exploring their wild side. Guests can always expect fine food, sophisticated accommodations, a curated place to play, and nightly theme parties, but also onsite sex educators, interactive courses, and safety programming focused on consent.

Not all of their guests are even in what is called the Lifestyle: some are monogamous couples that appreciate the opportunity to travel with adventurous, non-judgmental people. In fact, many guests find the sense of community on these trips to be so strong that they leave with some of the best friendships of their lives.


I sat down with Claudia and Pepe to get a deeper understanding of how sex-positivity and luxury can be blended to create a truly unique travel experience.

CA is Claudia Aguirre, and PA is Pepe Aguirre.

What do you mean when you say Lifestyle with a capital-L?

CA: Lifestyle has become the “dinner party” phrase to denote couples who have an open relationship of some sort. Oftentimes, it refers to those in the swinger lifestyle. The term “swinger” seems to have a negative connotation assigned to it. At Luxury Lifestyle Vacations, we attract couples across the spectrum of open relationship styles, from those who are dipping their toe into it for the first time to partners who have been married and swinging for 10+ years. We often hear that for our guests outside of cities like Miami and New York with thriving pleasure-positive nightlife opportunities, going on a Lifestyle cruise is a more exciting first step into the Lifestyle than, say, driving two states over for something that doesn’t engage as many senses.

PA: The Lifestyle refers to being in some type of open, sometimes non-monogamous relationship. It’s a classier and more modern way of describing swinger, which of course encompasses many different types of relationship styles. Not all of our guests call themselves swingers, but almost all our guests identify with the Lifestyle in the sense that they are excited to explore all senses. Our trips combine five-plus star accommodations, excursions, cuisine, entertainment with a community and space to explore all your desires.

How do you select your destinations knowing that some cultures are less open to pleasure-forward concepts of partnership?

CA: We select our destinations based on beautiful climate, gorgeous surroundings for excursions and, of course, the willingness of the local culture to work with us. This hasn’t been an issue because, being that both Pepe and I are from Mexico City, we’re sensitive to the fact there are some cultures that are not as sex-positive as we are where we live now in Miami. We wouldn’t want to have that de-stigmatizing energy associated with our events. We create the one option for decadent travel where you can truly be yourself without shame or judgment.

PA: Very good question. We probably wouldn’t rush to host an event in any area that is sexually repressive as it would be counterintuitive. We mostly look for exotic locations we haven’t traveled to before as a group, and work with our hotel and tour partners to create an itinerary that indulges our guests’ desire for exploration while respecting the culture we’re in. Claudia and I have relationships from our days of corporate travel planning, and the hotels and cruise lines we’ve partnered with love to welcome and re-welcome our guests. We’re always happy.

What goes into creating a sophisticated vacation for folks who desire ‘liberally innovative’ experiences?

CA: There’s a large, behind the scenes group of hard-working people – our guests don’t even realize all the efforts that go into these events. They will easily become best buds with our host couples and our world-renowned Lifestyle DJs who travel with us, but they don’t see the boxes, crates, mattresses, condoms, and storage lockers of equipment that we transport through customs and TSA. The idea is to make the experience seem seamless, even if it never is! There are a lot of moving parts to set up a Lifestyle event at what may not be a dedicated Lifestyle location for 52 weeks a year. This is almost ALL of our events.

PA: Our events are 100% curated to the group we attract, meaning high end with a strong attention to the small, but elegant details. From location to theme nights to accommodations to cuisine; it all matters. From the moment our guests walk in, my marketing genius wife Claudia ensures you know you’re at a Luxury Lifestyle Vacations event. From the dock of the cruise, you’ll see our flag. When you walk into the reception of a hotel, you’ll see our team decked out in LLV bikinis and polos. There are posters relaying theme nights on every elevator and entrance. At night, we transform a pool or dining room into an erotic lounge with entertainment, music. and a playroom nearby stocked with everything you need for play, which is monitored by our staff.

How has the response been from your guests? Do they come back for more?

CA: First-time clients certainly can arrive with some nerves or trepidation, but they quickly find a warm and engaging group of people in attendance. We have a very large group of repeat clients who are friendly and welcoming to new folks. We are not a clique-ish group. It defeats the nature of people involved in the Lifestyle. In fact, newcomers often have such a great time because they are the shiny new penny in the room. Vets of the Lifestyle are eager to give their tips, tricks, and maybe even invite them for playtime.

PA: Luxury Lifestyle Vacations has seen a very high repeat percentage, maybe 75-80% of returning guests per trip. Many of our members describe themselves as “framily”, meaning friends and family. We often hear of our members getting together outside of LLV trips at each other's homes, and planning their next LLV trip(s) together.

Where are your dream destinations to take Luxury Lifestyle Vacations in the future? Why would each destination be such a landmark for your brand?

CA: Australia and New Zealand are two parts of the world we’ve never been to with our group. The culture, history, and natural beauty of Australia is exactly the type of destination our members want to experience as a Framily. We’ve had so many wonderful locations, including an African safari, over the years that we plan to start replicating the post popular for our newcomers.

PA: Along with Australia, Antarctica is a dream destination of ours because we have a goal to bring Luxury Lifestyle Vacations to all seven continents. We’ve just returned from Tahiti, and this is a destination we’ll be revisiting in new ways, as it was magnificent. Every time we return to a destination, we amplify the most successful moments of last time.

Anything else you’d like to add about the subject?

CA: We invite you to join us for at least one event to see why our trips have 75%+ return guests. You have to experience it to understand why this appeals to those who desire play as indulgence.

PA: As Claudia said, we’d love readers to join us on an upcoming destination takeover; it won’t be their last time traveling with us.

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