HUMP! is more than just an amateur porn festival that’s been called “Sundance for perverts.” It is also a shining example of a functioning democracy.

The 2022 Opening Festival has wrapped, the audience votes have been tallied, and I’m thrilled to announce our winners for Best Sex, Best Kink, Best Humor, Best in Show, and our special Jury Prize! And let’s be honest, you know these awards are more relevant to you than the Oscars.

For turning on the masses, the award for Best Sex goes to…

L’Ingrediente Principale!



For shining a light on our deepest desires, the award for Best Kink goes to…

Sucky Situation!




For making you laugh while making you come, the award for Best Humor goes to…

Matt’s Dildo!




For hitting all your buttons, the award for Best in Show goes to…

Animal Style!




And finally, for titillating the jurors in the HUMP! room, the winner of the Jury Prize is…

Monster Dyke!




Congratulations to all our winners! And a special thank you to ALL of our filmmakers for creating one of the best lineups in HUMP! history.

Now it’s time for us to hit the road. We kicked off our tour last weekend in Albuquerque and Olympia, and now, HUMP! is headed to 30 more cities throughout North America for the rest of the year. Find a city near you and grab your tickets here.

Don’t see your city on our tour stops? By popular demand, we’re also offering a streaming option of this year’s festival.

HUMP! is made possible by our diverse set of filmmakers. Didn’t see your kind of porn at the festival this year? Then get off/show off your ass and make one! Filmmakers that make it into HUMP! get a share of all ticket revenue. You can find out more about submitting at our website.