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Denise Welch blasts ‘woke’ Welsh Government for compulsory sex education plans

Following the news that the Welsh Government plans to teach children as young as five sex education, ITV's Loose Women panellists have put forward their views. Denise Welch, Jane Moore, Kéllé Bryan and Katie Piper, came to the mutual agreement during the episode on Wednesday, April 27 that the decision was “tricky”.

Ministers have insisted the new curriculum, which will also see themes of religion, sex and gender embedded in day-to-day teaching, was “developmentally appropriate” for children but the four women have deemed that it is important to remember that “they are children”.

Kéllé stressed, “I do believe that we should introduce conversations earlier as we can stop homophobia etc. but all I'm saying is that I would like to control when and how my children find out.” This belief was shared by Denise, who described how she thought that society has become too “woke”.

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Denise questioned: “Why can't we just encourage children to know that they can be anything you want to be?”

She added that “the thing about what we are allowing and what we are changing has become very politicized”. She talks about how she is someone that considers herself to be ‘from the left' but says how in the last few years, “things have changed.”

“The fact is, I think that 5 is too young to be chatting about sex education,” says Denise, who has been a regular panelist on Loose Women since 2005.

Katie, meanwhile, drew reference to the fact that sex education is “not just about sex”. However, she did say that she didn't agree with the Welsh Government's plans. The star talked about how she's got a four-year-old who she wouldn't expect to be learning sex education.

Now – four mothers – representing more than 5,000 parents and grandparents – have started legal action to overturn a proposal by the Labour-led administration to make Religious and Sex Education (RSE) lessons compulsory. You can read more about that here.

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