Celebrate Pride Month: Local LGBTQIA+, Allyship, Bring the Kids

June is widely recognized as Pride Month, a time when the LGBTQIA+ community and its allies come together to celebrate diversity, equality, and love. There are many ways people celebrate Pride Month. While parades, parties, and events have been an integral part of Pride Month for many years, it is important to remember that the essence of pride extends far beyond colorful celebrations. 

This year, take a moment to reflect on how you can honor the true spirit of Pride Month by supporting local LGBTQIA+ businesses, embracing and supporting those who may not be comfortable coming out or being out, including children in pride, and being a supportive ally.

Supporting Local LGBTQIA+ Businesses to Celebrate Pride Month

Supporting local LGBTQIA+ businesses is an excellent way to show solidarity and uplift the community during Pride Month. Many queer-owned businesses face unique challenges, particularly in conservative or less accepting areas. By patronizing these establishments, you can contribute to their success, help foster inclusivity, and demonstrate our support for LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs.

From queer-owned cafes, boutiques, and bookstores to LGBTQIA+-friendly bars and clubs, there is a wide array of options to explore. Remember, your support not only boosts the local economy but also helps create safe spaces for the community to thrive. These businesses are open all year, don’t forget to visit when pride month is over.

Meet People Where They Are

Pride Month is also an opportunity to extend our love and support to individuals who may not be comfortable coming out or being out. Not everyone is ready or able to openly express their identity, and that is perfectly valid. It is crucial to create an environment of acceptance and understanding, where individuals feel safe to confide in others if and when they are ready. 

Let's be there for our friends, family members, and colleagues, assuring them that our love and support are unwavering, regardless of their disclosure status. Sometimes, even the simplest act of listening can make a world of difference to someone struggling with their identity.

Bring the Kids to Celebrate Pride Month

Involving children in Pride Month activities is another essential aspect of creating an inclusive society. Pride is not solely for adults; it is an opportunity to teach young minds about acceptance, diversity, and equality. Engage children in age-appropriate conversations about different identities and relationships

Attend family-friendly pride events, read books that promote inclusivity, or watch movies that highlight LGBTQIA+ experiences. By involving children in these discussions and celebrations, you foster a generation that grows up understanding and embracing the beauty of all identities.

Be a Supportive Ally

Being a supportive ally is crucial in creating an inclusive society for the LGBTQIA+ community. Allies can help amplify the voices of marginalized individuals, challenge discriminatory behavior, and actively learn about LGBTQIA+ history and issues. Education is a powerful tool for change

Take the time to educate yourself about the struggles faced by the community, the rights they are fighting for, and the progress that has been made. Engage in respectful conversations, and be willing to unlearn biases and prejudices. Speak up when you witness injustice and be a reliable source of support for your LGBTQIA+ friends and colleagues.

Pride isn’t Just One Month

During Pride Month, it is vital to remember that the LGBTQIA+ community encompasses a diverse range of identities, experiences, and challenges. Let us celebrate by supporting local businesses, loving and supporting those who may not be comfortable coming out, including children in pride activities, and being dedicated allies. 

Pride is not limited to a single month; it is a year-round commitment to creating a world where everyone can live with dignity, respect, and acceptance. Check out what’s happening in your community and seek out opportunities to lend your support as you are able.